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Back in the day, you couldn’t find a more popular siding material than aluminum. It was light and inexpensive. It was a marvelously durable, protective exterior cladding in all weather conditions. It lasted a long time with very little maintenance. Well, Stutzman Siding is thrilled that everything old is new again. We are here for it, and all your aluminum siding needs. Reach us at (949) 339-9957 now.

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Stutzman Siding is Your Superior Siding Contractor

Installing aluminum siding is a win for every property owner who does so. Yes, it’s well-priced, and the lightness means a relatively fast installation that spares the heavy labor costs that accompany heavier sidings, like brick, wood, or stone. Its durability is multi-fold:

  • Aluminum siding is waterproof
  • It is rust proof
  • It won’t rot or mildew
  • It prevents moisture and water damage
  • It is insect-proof
  • It is highly fire-retardant
  • It won’t cause roofing to sag
  • It won’t be a strain on your walls or foundation
  • It can be maintained with minimal effort
  • It may dent, but it won’t break
  • It will last decades upon decades

Our aluminum siding company can work wonders with the installation, restoration, and replacement of aluminum. Ask us how.

Complete Siding Services

The skilled siding contractor team at Stutzman Siding installs aluminum siding deftly because of our tried-and-true service process. From beginning to end, clients can expect the highest quality customer service, products, and workmanship. It breaks down as such:

  • First: Post contact by client, a date is set for scope of project assessment, inspecting existing siding (if replacing), measurements
  • Next: We run the numbers taking everything into account, and produce a realistic, detailed estimate, including a predicted timeline
  • Then: Style consultation determining the best aluminum siding to suit and achieve your aesthetic
  • Onsite: If necessary, excavation and removal of the previous siding. Our skilled technicians prep the exterior from the roof to the ground
  • Installation: Fully equipped with the best of industry products and materials, Stutzman Siding aluminum siding contractor gets to work at what we do best, as we have so many times before in Temecula
  • Finishing up: Test the siding, clean the surroundings

Additions to the process are negotiable, such as attaching soffits, fascia, gutters, and downspouts.

How Siding Contractors Boost Curb Appeal

The flawless look of aluminum cladding in perfect symmetry can only be achieved by professionals. Aluminum siding has come a long way, now available in many colors, textures, and patterns. It can resemble wood siding without the price tag or upkeep. It can be corrugated, lined, or beaded. We can place it horizontally (lap) or vertically (board and batten).

Aluminum siding can be painted your color of choice or have a cataloged color baked in. It can achieve a very modern aesthetic or look rustic. All Stutzman Siding work leads to increased curb appeal and property value.

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